Broadcast clips

Thanks to my friend "Turtle" Max I had the chance to translate the universe of my EP Recorder Blues into films...

home-made vidz

Sometimes I like to create some video contents by myself... DIY pawa!

Home- made vidz

My new track called Photons (august 2020)

Cause I could not wait, releasing nothing, till third EP coming next fall!

Morgus VS AtomAngelHeart Motherf*****s

composed & performed by Morgan Briant

extract from my first EP Recorder Blues


My everyday life as a "music-worker"...

(Too much) work on my track Everyday with guitar performer Pablo Roquefort

On our way to the studio with Jaff and sax-performer Chloé, to work on my track Première

Back to 2015: One of my most explicit failure: Trying to crowdfund the production of Steven Reinhardt's album... Ok let's DIY then!

The first time I had the chance to show my work as a crossover piece of art!

Back to 2014: Producing world-music project Mizmar

Trying to promote my rehearsal studios with extracts from French rock band Bukowski... Ok that's a failure, the vid is awful, but thank you guys for letting me try anyway!

Producing Jazz Duo Blanchet Jeand'heur album Cactus

When you've work as stage-manager for major political events, you understand all this s*** is just show-business.

Have a trip to middle-east with amazing composer Muhammad Shams.


Back in 2003-2004 with my friend I.Caze and the Rec T Ligne crew

Dantec VS I.Caze - Restart From Scratch

Amazing video shot in 2003 by the "Mandarine" team, directed by Helios Azolini & Samuel Beis.

Back to 2003, partying with the crew in my studio

Back to 2004, on the road for a live-show.

Rest in peace MSJ this shit world misses you my friend.

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